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Whisky Single Malt Vinum


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Crystal Machine Made Single Malt Whisky Glass


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The Classic Machine-Made Single Malt Whisky Glass Of The Established Glass Collection Riedel Bar Is The Essential Glassware For Every Home Bar. The Design Incoperates A Small, Slightly Outturned Lip That Directs The Spirit Onto The Tip Of The Tongue, Where Sweetness Is Perceived, And Serves To Bring Out The Elegant Creaminess Of A Top Quality Single Malt. Every Riedel Bar Glass Is Finely Tuned To Increase The Enjoyment Of Spirits By Showing The Unique Character Of Beverag. Glass Manufactured In Kufstein Austria. It Is Best Known For Its Varietal Specific Glassware Which Is Designed To Enhance Different Types Of Wines

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