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Kosta Boda Votive Minelight


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Handmade Glass Votive made in Kosta, Sweden



“Desire, Energy, Passion – I Can Love And Hate All At The Same Time. I’M Both Argumentative And Totally Committed. With Glass, Everything Is Possible. It’S Immediate, Intense, Demanding; Never Is It Just Plain Old Glass. I Use It To Paint On And Tell Tales. I Have No Rules, And I Allow My Instinctive Feelings To Take Me Wherever They Want. ” She Was The Embodiment Of Swedish Glass Art. No Living Swedish Artist Could Have Claimed Anywhere Near The Popularity Of Ulrica Hydman Vallien. Whether Collection Or One-Of-A-Kind Pieces, She Placed The Same Passion Into Every Work Of Her Hands. With Motifs From The Innermost Corners Of Human Life, She Has Created A Narrative Glass Art Form With Feminist And Biblical Touches, Alongside Her Utility Glass. Tulips And Snakes Gure Repeatedly In Her Own Paradise Works. Assertive, Controversial, Beloved. – Magnus Andersson, Ceo

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