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Vase Mini Fast Porcelain


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Mini White Porcelain Vase Rosenthal Studio-Line

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When It Comes To Decorative Objects, You Simply Cannot Have “Too Many” Vases. 12 Of Rosenthal’S Most Popular Vases Are Now Also Available In Miniature. Whether As A Gift, For Collectors, For Display In A Cabinet Or For Lovingly Crafted Small Flower Arrangements – Both Individually Or In Groups, These Miniature Vases Made Of White Porcelain Are Certain To Attract Attention. Fast Stands For Luminous Matter (Objects) That Glides Through Space. In Astronomy Galaxies Are A Collection Of Different Stars And Planetary Systems And Other Objects Such As Gas, Dust And Dark Matter. There Are Different Types Of Galaxies, Which Vary Greatly In Their Appearance. The Object Vase Reflects The Typical Ming Dynasty Prototype Vases, Concealed In Digital Acceleration. A Mixture Of Collective Remembrance And Futuristic Abstraction Symbolizes The Cultural Change. Manufactured In Germany

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