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Vase Hokusai The Wave


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Porcelain Designed In germany


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During His Lifetime Of Almost 90 Years, Hokusai Used About 30 Different Names, Such As Gakyojin That Can Be Translated As “Crazy About Painting”. The Series “Thirty-Six Views Of Mount Fuji” Became His Most Popular Work. It Includes The Famous “Great Wave Off Kanagawa”. In His Homeland Japan, Hokusai’S Work Was Rather Considered As “Everyday Graphics”, Whereas In Europe His Art Contributed To Japonism, Inspired Artists Like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Egon Schiele And Gustav Klimt And Also Influenced Art Nouveau. Painting Masterpieces On Porcelain And Glass – Classical Pieces From Famous Artists In New Forms And Dimensions Artis Orbis Presents Artworks Of World-Famous Artists As Collector’S Or Decorative Editions. Complex Production Processes And High Quality Handicraft Combine Elegance And Style. The Exclusive, Partially Limited Artis Orbis Collection Makes It Possible To Re-Experience Great Art. Refine Your Personal Atmosphere With Masterpieces Of Art History. Noble Materials, The Highest Quality And Complete Handcrafting Are The Hallmarks Of The Artis Orbis Collection.

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