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Umbrella Van Gogh Almond Tree Folding


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German Design


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Umbrella – Opens Upside/Down: The Traditional Umbrella Has Been Turned Upside Down And Inside Out Due To An Innovative Two-Layer Construction. When Folding The Umbrella The Wet Outer Part Is Being Pulled Inside And The Raindrops Cannot Drip Down – The Wet Part Is Turned Inside. His Original Painting “Almond Tree” In Blue, Reproduced On High-Quality Glass And Porcelain Products, Was Added To The Artis Orbis Collection In 2014. Meanwhile These Products Became Indispensable. Goebel “Gilded” This Popular Motif. Today His Paintings Belong To The Most Expensive Of The World – But He Spent His Life In Extreme Poverty And Financial Dependency. Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) Was A Desperate Man But A Possessed Artist, Never Reached In Genius – An Exception – Like His Vigorous Paintings That Seem To Sparkle From Inside.

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