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Schnapps Glass Finest Spirit


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Ritzenhoff brand quality crystal glass with motif Made in Germany


2 in stock

Clearly on trend – Edelobstbrand. When apples, pears or plums perpetuate their fruity aromas in a high-percentage essence, noble fruit brandies emerge. But only in the right glass of the enjoyment becomes a unique taste experience. In the new Ritzenhoff brandy glass, the potential of the aromas can fully unfold. The exclusive decors are finished with precious metal accents such as gold and platinum. The bulbous shape, which tapers upwards supports bouquet and taste. This guarantees a perfect aroma experience. Delivered in a high quality gift box, the Ritzenhoff Edelbrandglas is a great gift idea for many occasions.

Stylish brandy glass with precious platinum shares
Demanding brand quality – Made in Germany
Must-have for design lovers and trendsetters

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