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Ritzenhoff Stemless Aqua e Vino Glass Burkhand Ne


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Modern tumbler 540ml for water, wine and wine spritzers


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Modern tumbler for water, wine and wine spritzers decorated with extraordinary motifs from international and well-known designers. Wine or water? This elementary question does not arise with the multifunctional Aqua e Vino mug series. With its charming, modern design, the glass for water and wine rounds off every table setting in an original way. The trendy dome shape is based on the RITZENHOFF Red and White series and complements the popular wine glasses perfectly. But wine spritzers and spritzers also develop their refreshing aroma in the new Aqua e Vino glasses. The cool decors by international designers conjure up carefree moments of pleasure in everyday life. Speaking of decor: the high-quality Aqua e Vino series is twice as beautiful as a color-coordinated design duo. If you like it more diverse, you can freely combine different decors according to the mix-and-match principle.