Ritzenhoff Prosecco Glass M.Benzoni 02 2020


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Filigree Prosecco glass with real gold and platinum in the decor


5 in stock

We love butterflies, not only in the stomach, but also on our new prosecco glasses from RITZENHOFF. The Hamburg up-and-coming artist and tattoo artist Marvin Benzoni designed the “Monarch Couple” motif in an elegant silver thread style. In his studio “From Horses and Fishes”, together with other creative people, new inspirations for the art scene are created. You can feel that with “Monarch Couple” too. With the decor of flowing, abstract lines, we feel dynamic and light as a feather at the same time. We use it to highlight every sip of Prosecco at the next girls’ evening and enjoy the extra glamor of the decor. Because the designs are made with real gold and platinum.

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