Ritzenhoff Next Whisky Glass Jasconius O.Hajek 2020


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Ritzenhoff brand quality crystal glass with motif Made in Germany


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The Celts Drank Their Whiskey From A “Quaich” Flat Drinking Bowl With Two Handles. This Was Carved From Wood Or Horn, Especially Noble Specimens Were Made Of Silver. For Ritzenhoff, Sieger Design Has Reinterpreted The Classic Tumbler. In Its Broad Body, The Aroma Can Unfold Optimally, At The Same Time It Is Protected By A Tapered Opening. The Massive Foot Keeps The Cool Drink From Warming Hands. Designers From All Over The World Work For Ritzenhoff – Architects Designers And Artists Along With Comic Illustrators Advertisers Illustrators Interior Designers Set Designers And Sculptors.

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