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Ritzenhoff Aperitif Sprizz Bohnenberg (Set Of 2)


7 in stock

Aperitif / Digestif / Liqueur Glasses New 2021 Release Set Of 2 Glasses


7 in stock

A few years ago the epitome of the Italian aperitif, it has become an indispensable part of bar culture today: The “Sprizz” tastes like mild summer evenings, like La Dolce Vita and a lightness that is also reflected in the decors by Romi Bohnenberg. The almond blossom sets the mood for the Mediterranean spring in Italy or Spain, while the cherry blossom lets the first warm days sprout in this country as well. The two combine to create a highlight of free hours that only needs to be filled with the right drink.

Aperitif glass 544ml set for sprizz cocktails
Lively, fresh, elegant decors with almond and cherry blossoms
Delivery takes place in an attractive set of 2
Ritzenhoff brand quality – Made in Germany