Red Wine Medusa Lumiere Pair


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Elegant Long Stemmed Red Wine Glass Pair


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Rituals of drinking pleasure. The tumblers of the Versace collection will awaken them. Headstrong and present. The tumblers of the Versace collection. Drinking rituals heighten the pleasure at the table. The tumblers of the Versace collection must be included. Elements of sensuality. The tumblers of the Versace collection. Hard, and yet fragile, transparent, and yet reflective. Glass is a mysterious material, made for the fantastic worlds of Versace. In addition to the sets “Arabesque” and “Medusa”, the comprehensive porcelain programs, two drinking glass sets, reminiscent of cult vessels of long-forgotten rites, were created in Milan. Here chalices are growing out of the frosted Medusa head. With the fascinating interplay between the strict geometry of Meanders and pleasurable in white or amber sprawling arabesques, both are a fitting complement to the set or a sensual accent in a minimalist, modern table culture. They inspire the reawakening of their own rituals of drinking pleasure.

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