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Purse Mirror Van Gogh Almond Tree


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Glass Designed In germany


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Perfect For Every Handbag .His Original Painting “Almond Tree” In Blue, Reproduced On High-Quality Glass And Porcelain Products, Was Added To The Artis Orbis Collection In 2014. Meanwhile These Products Became Indispensable. Goebel “Gilded” This Popular Motif. Today His Paintings Belong To The Most Expensive Of The World – But He Spent His Life In Extreme Poverty And Financial Dependency. Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) Was A Desperate Man But A Possessed Artist, Never Reached In Genius – An Exception – Like His Vigorous Paintings That Seem To Sparkle From Inside. Painting Masterpieces On Porcelain And Glass – Classical Pieces From Famous Artists In New Forms And Dimensions Artis Orbis Presents Artworks Of World-Famous Artists As Collector’S Or Decorative Editions. Complex Production Processes And High Quality Handicraft Combine Elegance And Style. The Exclusive, Partially Limited Artis Orbis Collection Makes It Possible To Re-Experience Great Art. Refine Your Personal Atmosphere With Masterpieces Of Art History. Noble Materials, The Highest Quality And Complete Handcrafting Are The Hallmarks Of The Artis Orbis Collection.N.

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