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Plate Mini Klimt Fulfilment 10cm


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Klimt Mini Décor Plate


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In the opulent works of his “Golden Period” figurines and ornaments are melting to become compositions of unique sensuality. The co-founder of the “Vienna Secession” combines the various movements of the international Art Nouveau in his splendid paintings and thus becomes one of the most important representatives.

Beyond all temporal and spatial bounds his most famous painting “The Kiss” is considered the “Allegory of Love” as such.


Gustav Klimt’s important pictures are not only among the most expensive
works of art in the world, but also enjoy great international popularity. His style is unmistakable and with the work of art ‘The Kiss’ he has created a world-famous icon of love. The pronounced use of gold colors is certainly still a reason for the motif’s unbroken popularity to this day. The murals, wall plates and vases are presented with Klimt’s best-known motifs `The Kiss`,` Tree of Life`, `Adele Bloch-Bauer`,` The Expectation` and `The Fulfillment` with noble real gold plating on fine porcelain. An enrichment for every living environment!

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