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Lladro Ornament Figurine Gres Japenese Portrait


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Glossy porcelain figurine of a Japanese woman with an umbrella and kimono decorated with floral motifs in light tones and a red ribbon with a flying crane.


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This Piece Portraits A Beautiful Japanese Scene. An Elegant Woman Dressing Kimono With Hand-Painted Flowers Imitating Silk Brocade With Contrasting Red Ribbons And The Porcelain Opening Up To Provide A Glimpse Of The Various Layers A Skirt Of This Kind Would Have Rounding Off The Scene With A Typical Japanese Pleated Parasol And Even The Accessories In The Lady’S Hair. The Red-Crowned Snow White Crane, Symbol In Japanese Art For Long Life Span And Fidelity In Love, Is Majestically Taking To Flight, Setting The Scene In A Quiet Japanese Garden.

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