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Next Gin Tonic Glass S Ito 2019


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Ritzenhoff brand quality glass with font motif Made in Germany

14 in stock

Whether For The Classic Long Drink Or Innovative Trend Cocktail, The New Ritzenhoff Glass Is A Contemporary And Stylish Companion. Mirrored Chrome Not Only Looks Cool And Fresh, But Also As A Soothing Canvas For The Graphic Or Playful Decors. Black-Yellow In Color, They Allow The Immediate Association With The Often Combined Tonic Water. The Pure, Conical Shape Guarantees A Firm Footing Of The Glass. Designers From All Over The World Work For Ritzenhoff – Architects Designers And Artists Along With Comic Illustrators Advertisers Illustrators Interior Designers Set Designers And Sculptors. The Semi-Transparent Coating Of The Glasses Is Expressly Desired And A Typical Feature Of The Gin Tonic Series.

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