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Goebel Purse Mirror Ivana Koubek Marlene


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Purse Pocket Mirror Ivana Koubek Marlene Dietrich


3 in stock

Ivana Koubek is currently working on the collection `Famous females`with Goebel Porzellan. Collect the greatest actresses of all times, portrayed in an extraordinary, yet very appealing way on porcelain, glass and other related materials.Fits in every purse.Besides the accessories for daily use like the pocket mirrors andspectacle cases the Grand Dames, actresses of the main stages of the world adorn a vase, coffee- / tea mugs, champagne glasses and a clock. Goebel creates porcelain items for gifts, collecting, living and lifestyle. The traditional company always has its finger on the pulse and works with international artists and designers. This is how products are created that bring joy in everyday life and make life more beautiful.