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Goebel Figurine Cat Cordelia e Duccio


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Porcelain Cat Figurine By Rosina Wachtmeister


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Rosina«s cats are available in various different types. Tall and short, tiny and thick, colourful or simply elegant. Very small new born baby cats nuzzle up against the big ones – just as cute as their natural archetypes. Goebel creates porcelain items for gifts, collecting, living and lifestyle. The traditional company always has its finger on the pulse and works with international artists and designers. This is how products are created that bring joy in everyday life and make life more beautiful.
Rosina Wachtmeister, born in Vienna in 1939, emigrated to Brazil at the age of 14, where she spent her academic years. She fell in love with an Italian artist, who took the young woman to Italy. She found her new home in Capena, a medieval village north of Rome. For more than 20 years, Rosina Wachtmeister has been working with Goebel, enchanting her fans and collectors all over the world.