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Coloured Crystal Wine Goblet Dark Ruby (Each)


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Hand-cut, mouth-blown, clear and colored crystal Wine Goblet

R2,032.00 R2,540.00

3 in stock

Ajka CrystalÕs fine lead crystal stemware is handmade crystal and carries 200 years of tradition. During this time the manufacturing processes have become the most refined and of the highest quality in the industry. Ajka produces hand-cut, mouth-blown, clear and colored crystal glassware. Our traditional lead crystal products range from crystal wine glasses, whiskey tumblers, champagne flutes, goblets and other crystal stemware to crystal bowls, vases, candleholders and several kinds of crystal gifts. Hungarian Ajka Crystal is the biggest and one of the oldest lead crystal manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. 96% of the products produced by Ajka Crystal are exported.