Carrol Boyes Salad Bowl Indigo Girl


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Our Tranquil Trio Of Indigo Girls Has Been Joined By A Fourth Companion To Add To Our Range Of New Bone China Ceramics. The Flawlessly Shaped Salad Bowls And Platters Are The Perfect Showcase For All Your Favourite Recipes


2 in stock

On A Trip To Morocco A Few Years Ago, Carrol Boyes Came Across The Tuareg People, A Nomadic Tribe Of NorthWest Africa. She Noticed How Much They Prized The Deep Blueish Purple Cloth They Wore And Discovered That The Dye, Called Indigo, Came From The Tiny Leaves Of Small Indigenous Parasitic Shrubs And Was Considered Extremely Valuable, Even Taking The Place Of Local Currencies, Including The American Dollar. She Was So Inspired By The Depth Of Colour And The Way West African Women Rubbed It Into Their Hair And Skin And Painted Their Bodies With It, That The Idea For Indigo Girls Was Born. Renowned South African Artist And Designer Carrol Boyes Finds The Perfect Synthesis Between Art And Function In Her Unique Home Ware And Gifting Items, Which Draw Their Inspiration From Both The Human Form And The Beauty Of Nature.Created 30 Years Ago, The Carrol Boyes Brand Has Stood The Test Of Time With Its Quirky Originality And Strong Artistic Design. We Look Ahead To The Next 30 Years Of Setting The Trends With A Plethora Of New Products In The Pipeline. Our Talented Designers Continue To Create World Class Functional Art In Keeping With The Legacy Of The Brand.

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