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Bohemia Crystal Champagne Flute Fregata 190ml (Set Of 6)


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Set of 6 Elegant Crystal Champagne Flutes 190ml to toast any occasion


11 in stock

For many years now, the company has been using environmentally friendly glass melt crystalite. Thanks to this unique glass melt, Crystalite was able to implement fire polishing, which represents the most moder nand ecological process of glass polishing. Such a specific glass melt is mostly preferred in wester countries such as USA, United Kingdom, and France. Glassworks Crystalite Bohemia a.s. has been producing more resistant glassware thanks to the addition of titanium to the glass melt. As a consequence, glasses are more resistant against mechanical defects and against turning grey even after multiple cycles in the dishwasher. The producer guarantees preservation of glass transparency even after using standard dishwasher programs contrary to other producers, who recommend using more delicate programs suitable for glassware. Thanks to this innovation and its associated glass melt quality, Crystalite Bohemia a.s. ranks amongs the most successful glassware producers in the world. This glass melt was created with a specific goal Ð to satisfy demands of HORECA business. How to care for glass
Products decorated with colors, gold or platinum are not suited for dishwashers. Use tepid water, mild detergent, fine sponge and wipe gently with a kitchen towel after washing.Other glass products can be put in a dishwasher after selecting a program with lower temperatures, which are more suitable for glass washing.In order to prevent glass abrasion, keep the glasses away from close contact with other firm objects including other glass. Never leave a candle holder with a burning candle out of sight and within reach of children and house pets. Always place a candle holder on a nonflammable surface, away from flammable objects and draught. Do not let the candle burn down all the way. The heat can cause the candle holder to break, and thus create a fire.

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