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Vase Mariinsky. Mara Dolinskaia was a ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre in St.


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Mara Dolinskaia was a ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre in St. Petersburg and is the grandmother of the designer Katya, who was inspired by her grandmother to honour the stars of classical dance of the 1920Õs.

In a continuous movement performed by Mara, Katya portrays scenic characteristics, the extravagant wardrobe of that time and the roses of the ball scene in ÒThe Queen of SpadesÓ by Tchaikovsky, among other elements that transport us to a universe full of life, colour and creativity.

Collection awarded with an honorable mention by the German Design Award 2019.

Katya Gerasimova Bosky was born and raised in St. Petersburg, the former capital of Russia. She studied art form age 11, finally at the Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design. Katya worked as a designer at the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre, and then for many years as Chief Costume Designer in the Russian film industry. Her works include a nine-part period saga about Tzar Alexander II and 12 other feature films.

Katya also loves book illustration. Her work ranges from Orchard BooksÕ Opera Stories (1996) to Muse Etrangere (2016), an 18th century French poetry anthology. KatyaÕs one-off artist book is in the British Library Collection. She has exhibited her characteristic watercolours of dancing carnival figures at several London galleries. Katya lives in London and, in summer, on the Black Sea.

Style: Contemporary
Part Type: Vase
Product type: Porcelain
Height: 334 mm
Length: 236 mm
Weight without Package: 1855 gr

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