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Celebrating functional art

At Spilhaus, we’re all about functional art. What’s functional art? According to

“Functional art objects are as avidly acquired by collectors as their fine-art brethren, and are appreciated just as much for their beauty as their use value.”

To add further context, functional art serves more than one purpose and makes the perfect gift – especially for those impossible-to-please people. Here are some of the amazing collections currently available at Spilhaus:

Alessi Corkscrew Range

Festive, quirky and oh-so-functional! Italian houseware and kitchenware manufacturer, Alessi, are well known for their functional art. Not only are their products made for everyday use (bottle opener), they are made to add a touch of drama in any home. These collectables are perfect for eccentric family, friends and colleagues that have just moved to a new home. Fun fact: The Anna G. corkscrew designed by Alessandro Mendini is an ironic tribute to a real woman whose smiling face has become a cult item over the years, resulting in a large collection of tableware and kitchen objects.

Carrol Boyes Collection

Renowned South African artist and designer Carrol Boyes finds the perfect synthesis between art and function in her unique homeware and gifting items, which draw their inspiration from both the human form and the beauty of nature.

Goebel Two-In-One Vase

Okay, so this one functions a little differently. If you like decorating or redecorating according to the season – choose Goebel. This timeless and stylish vase has two sides; a monochrome side and a festive side. You can change perspective and the mood in the room by simply swapping the sides of the vase. Fun fact: Billy The Artist Is An Internationally Renowned Artist Based In New York Who Has Worked For Some Of The Largest Global Brands From Swatch To Nescafé