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Herd Bowl HD-02A-BF   Herd Bowl HD-19A   Herd Bowl HD-22A   Herd Ice Bucket HD-21A   Herd Tray HD-14A
Herd Tray HD-14A   Morph Bowl MR-22A   Morph Bowl MR-23A   Pi Bottle Coaster PI-11A   Pi Bowl PI-03A-BF
Pi Bowl PI-03A   Pi Bowl PI-22A-MCO   Pi Ice Bucket PI-21A-MGD   Pi Tray PI-20A-MBK   Pi Tray PI-20A
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Smooth Stones Bowl ST-19A-MGD   Smooth Stones Bowl ST-21A-MF   Smooth Stones Bowl ST-22A   Smooth Stones Champaign Bucket ST-09A-MF   Smooth Stones Vase ST-07A-MCO
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Steelforme is a range of Bowls, Baskets, Ice Buckets etc that is designed and produced in CANADA. Each item is made from high quality Stainless Steel with beautiful designs achieved through lazer cutting. The Gold, Copper and black finishes are achieved with a Titanium based coating called PVD. The colours are achieved by mixing gases and Titanium in a vacuum chamber.