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Beer Glass 300ml 1010146   1020163 Weizen Beer Glass 500ml   1060182 Schnapps Glass   1070152 Champus Champagne Flute   1510140 My Darling Coffee Mug
1580087 My Little Darling Espresso Cup & Saucer   1610056 Amore Mio Cappuccino Cup & Saucer   1780040 Siedel Beer Mug 500ml   1830014 Piggy Bank  

1930091 Pearls Champagne Flute

2820004 Artistica Decorative Bowl   2840006 Aperizzio Aperitif Glass   3000006 Red Wine   3010001 White Wine    
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Ritzenhoff has come from being a simple glass manufacturer to one of the most renown high-tech glassworks in Germany.

More than 280 designers from all over the world work for Ritzenhoff – architects, designers and artists along with comic illustrators, advertisers, illustrators, interior designers, set designers and sculptors. They all contribute their own style and differing working methods to an endless variety of ideas – thus Ritzenhoff has created a minor encyclopaedia of contemporary design on glass.

The range includes a variety of glassware (beer, water, champagne, schnapps etc) and porcelain gift and tableware (teddybanks, piggybanks, coffee mugs, espresso cups, cappuccino cups etc.).