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Midge Rhino Baobab  

Midge Rhino Butterfly


Midge Rhino Clement Mkhize

  Midge Rhino Hands  

Midge Rhino Heidi Snaith

Midge Rhino Jethro  

Midge Rhino Love My Rhino


Midge Rhino Love Tree

  Midge Rhino Zebra Rainbow  

Midge Rhino Heidi Snaith

Rhino African Hoepoe  

Rhino Baobab Realistic


Rhino Cape Sugarbird

  Rhino Clement Mkhize LTD  

Rhino Crested Barbet

Rhino Giorgio Trobec LTD  

Rhino Heidi Snaith


Rhino Ilanga

  Rhino Knysna Loerie  

Rhino Mathias Chirombo LTD

Rhino Mom Baobab  

Rhino Mom Zebra Rainbow


Rhino Paradise Flycatcher

  Rhino Special Words  

Rhino Zebra

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My Rhino is a range of Ceramic Rhinos that are designed and painted by local artists. These small-scale rhino sculptures come in a variety of designs. The basic "Mommy", "Daddy" and "Baby" Rhino sculptures are designed and cast by ceramicist and sculptor Marina Walsh. The casts are then adorned with limited edition designs by various artists. The ceramic cast takes the exact proportions of the rhino into consideration, from body to the weight of the animal, making them as close to a replica as possible.

Each piece is packaged, signed by the artist and comes with a numbered certificate. This makes each one a unique piece of art and a wonderful gift.

The producers of My Rhino have partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and donate 10% of their profits to this worthy cause.