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Beautiful Angel 18235   Angel Praying 4538   Curious Kittens 8693   Summer Serenade 6193   Ghandi
Nude with Shawl 12536   Wonderful Angel 18236   Little Jesus
  Pretty Pickings 5222   First Performance 6763
Bohemian Melodies 8239   Elegant Foxtrot
(LE 3000) 8638
  Elegant Swan
  Jazz Trio
(LE 3000) 8568
  Flower Arrangement 8573
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Girl Watching Snail 12538   Heron's Realm Covered Vase (Re-Deco) 7052   Nude with Shawl (Re-Deco) 8673   Passion & Soul 8683   Protective Angel 8539
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A Child's Prayer 6496   Angel with Flute 4540   Cat Nap 5640   Curious Angel 4960   Dancer (Special Edition) 7189
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Dancer 5050   Endless Love 6585   Heavenly Dreamer 6491   Heron's Vase Re-Deco 7053    
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Lladró is a collection of Porcelain figurines created and imported from Valencia in Spain. In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente Lladró made their first Porcelain creations in their own home in Almàssera (Valencia). They developed their artistic interest when they worked in a tile and crockery factory. These carefully designed first pieces had a special charm that awakened public interest.

Every Lladró piece of work is the result of a laborious artistic process. Sculptors follow their own inspiration but also perform, if the work requires it, a meticulous process of research and documentation. This is often the case with pieces or collections that reflect other cultures.

Every Lladro creation begins with an artistic inspiration. Once the figurine is constructed, the decoration process starts. All work is done by hand by experienced artisans. A large team of craftsmen contribute to developing Lladró sculptures, making each of them unique: painters, ornamentalists, flower artists… All of them pool their knowledge and expertise to create a piece with the highest artistic and technical quality.

The collection is made up of Classic (glossy porcelain) and Gres (matt porcelain). Figurines include men, women, children, animals, birds etc.