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Contrast Bowl light green   Contrast Dish L Green   Cool Moons Votive Grey   Happy Going Bowl Pink   Open Minds Vase Black
Snowball Votive Large   Still Life Skull Votive   Atoll Bowl 11cm Grass Green   Atoll Bowl 11cm Grey   Atoll Bowl 11cm Light Turquoise
Atoll Bowl 11cm Lilac   Atoll Bowl 11cm Petrol   Atoll Bowl 11cm Light Green   Brick Votive Blue   Hotlips Red
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Mini Lipstick Red   Mini Nailpolish Red   Open Minds Vase White 25cm   Open Minds Vase 250mm Turquoise   Still Life Votive Red
image   image            
Tellus Bowl 30.5cm White   Tellus Dish 37cm White            
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Kosta Boda is one of the world's leading brands of glassware and art glass. Technology and an understanding of glass have been refined in the heart of the forests in the Swedish province of Småland ever since 1742.

Kosta Boda glassware is vibrant, bold, innovative and provocative. It stands out and takes centre stage. Kosta Boda is true passion.