Georgini Sterling Silver Georgini Steel
Georgini Candy

Bangle XB017S


Bangle XB017RG


Bangle XB017G


Ring XR013


Ring XR012


Ring XR007


Ring XR004


Pendant XN012


Pendant XN010


Pendant XN006


Necklace XN011S


Necklace XN005


Earrings XE043


Earrings XE041S


Earrings XE041RG


Earrings XE041G


Earrings XE026


Earrings XE023


Earrings XE018S


Earrings XE018RG


Earrings XE018G


Earrings XE012S


Earrings XE011S


Earrings XE011RG


Earrings XE011G


Bracelet XB036S


Bracelet XB036RG


Bracelet XB036G


Bracelet XB022S


Bracelet XB020


Bracelet XB013S


Bracelet XB013RG


Bracelet XB013G


Bracelet XB012S


Bracelet XB009S


Bracelet XB009RG


Bracelet XB006S


Bracelet XB006RG


Bracelet XB006G


Bracelet XB004


Bracelet XB002S


Bracelet XB002RG


Bracelet XB002G


Bangle XB019S



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Gorgeous jewellery brand Georgini is one of the top silver jewellery brands in Australia and is now available in South Africa.

Georgini is crafted from the finest 925 sterling silver which is then plated with rhodium to give it the shiny look of white gold or platinum, and set with cubic zirconias. Delicate, fashion forward pieces are inspired by the latest trends. Georgini jewellery is both stylish and elegant, and is priced with affordable luxury in mind.