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Dung Beeltle Baobab Realistic  

Dung Beetle African Hoopoe LTD Med


Dung Beetle Baobab Large

  Dung Beetle Black on White Med  

Dung Beetle Cape Gooseberry

Dung Beetle Coral Medium  

Dung Beetle Crested Barbet LTD Lrg


Dung Beetle Diversity Medium

  Dung Beetle Flamed Lilly Med  

Dung Beetle Infinity Medium

Dung Beetle Jacaranda  

Dung Beetle Knysna Loerie LTD Med


Dung Beetle Zebra Med


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The Dung Beetle Collection is a range of beautiful hand-made Candle Balls in different styles and sizes. Each design is hand painted making it a unique piece of art.

The Candle Balls are ceramic and not only produce a beautiful light but also a lovely scent.

The wax in the candle is organic soy wax and is poured into the Ceramic Ball by hand. The wicks are made of pure cotton which ensures longevity.

Each item is beautifully packaged and includes a certificate.