Crack Vase
Crack Votive
Decanter Horizontal
Decanter Slanted Rim
Dynamic Bowl
Dynamic Vase
Fiona Flame Flute
Fiona Flame Goblet
Fiona Flame HB Tumbler
Fiona Flame Jug
Fiona Flame OF Tumbler
Fiona Flame Red Wine
Fiona Flame Spirit Decanter
Fiona Flame White Wine
Fiona Ribbon Flute
Fiona Ribbon Goblet
Fiona Ribbon HB Tumbler
Fiona Ribbon Jug
Fiona Ribbon OF Tumbler
Fiona Ribbon Red Wine
Fiona Ribbon Ships Decanter
Fiona Ribbon Spirit Decanter
Fiona Ribbon White Wine
Fiona Ribbon Wine Decanter
Fiona Sway Flute
Fiona Sway Goblet
Fiona Sway HB Tumbler
Fiona Sway Jug
Fiona Sway OF Tumbler
Fiona Sway Red Wine
Fiona Sway Spirit Decanter
Fiona Sway White Wine
Fiona Sway Wine Decanter
Giselle Wine
Lisboa Vase 310
Lisboa Vase 350
Neptune bowl
Picadelli Bowl
Picadelli Box
Picadelli Vase
Platinum Wave Bowl
Platinum Wave Vase
Quadro HB Tumbler
Quadro Jug
Quadro OF tumbler
Rocky Ashtray
Rocky Bowl
Rocky Candlestick
Rocky OF Tumbler
Rocky Spirit Decanter
Rocky Vase
Sail Spirit Decanter
Triangle Bowl
Triangle OF Tumbler
Triangle Spirit Decanter
Triangle Votive
Twist Candlestick 260mm
Viola Rainbow Tumbler
Viola Rainbow Wine
Vulcano Vase 305mm
Wellington Bowl
Wellington Candlestick
Wellington Decanter
Wellington OF Tumbler
Wellington Vase 305mm
Wellington Wine
Ballet Bowl 250mm
Ballet Bowl 400mm
Diamond Napkin Holder
Diamond Ring Holder
Diamond Sugar & Creamer Set
Diamond Vase 270mm
Fjord Spirit Set (7 piece)
Linearis Bowl 240mm
Linearis Vase 270mm
Panel Cake Stand
Phoenix Bowl 305mm
Phoenix DOF Tumbler
Phoenix Spirit Decanter
Phoenix Vase
Racing Bowl 270mm
Racing Bud Vase 215mm
Racing Rose Bowl 205mm
Racing Vase 305mm
Sting Bowl 270mm
Sting OF Tumbler
Sting Rosebowl 205mm
Sting Spirit Decanter
Sting Vase 255mm
Sting Vase Flared 255mm
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The name Bohemia Crystal is old and originated around the 9th century when glass started being manufactured in monasteries.

Virtually all Bohemia Crystal comes from the present day Czech Republic.

Bohemia is a generic term given to an area in which many independent factories all producing various types of crystal glass are situated. The quality varies from molded crystal to individually hand cut items.

Most crystal is now cut by specialized machines. The cutting is so good that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a machine or hand cut item.
Spilhaus stocks a selection of both machine cut and hand cut items.