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Shiva Bracelet col 05


Syria Necklace col 12


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Solaris Bracelet col 10

  Anika Necklace CO619A11
Anika Pendant CO619A11   Arianna Pendant CO218A05 & 10   Rubik Bracelet BR331A05   Brio Necklace CO235A18   Brio Pierced Earrings OR148A18
Eclipse Pendant CO592A06   Frida Bracelet BR297A31   Laguna Rings (assorted colours)   Marilena Necklace CO293A18   Mignon Pendant CO589A07
Bond Necklace CO603A11   Frida Necklace CO016A18   Heartbeat Necklace CO611A11   Kali Necklace CO385A10   laguna rings
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Antica Murrina started in the 1960's when the Voltolina brothers began creating various works of art from glass. In 1988 they added to their business one of Venice's oldest and most important tradition, the unique method of creating glass arts, the Murrina. In 1989 the company registered the Antica Murrina Veneziana brand specialising in the production of mosaic glass pendants, crafted using the ancient "murrine" or mosaic glasswork art. Antica Murrina is now the Italian brand of hand-made glass fashion jewellery.

Luxury and simplicity, fashion and tradition, Antica Murrina jewellery is the result of the constant challenge between development and tradition.

Color, transparency and depth play a fundamental role in these fashionable jewels, capable of making every woman feel unique. Each piece reveals deliberately irregular geometric forms full of fascination and feminine seduction.

Two major and two minor collections are released each year ensuring the collection is always at the forefront of current trends.